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Booost was born from a collective of experienced, talented musicians. Ex-members from the eminent Swiss reggae band 'Moonraisers' joined by American frontman Reggie Saunders and producer Pascal Brunkow (Moonraisers, Yves Larock, Junior Tshaka, Kera and many others), Booost bring a fresh approach to music with their unique interpretation of diverse planetary hits. Built on a powerful reggae groove, their debut album will take you back to rock masterpieces like Back in Black or Kashmir as well as legendary pop hits like John Lennon's Imagine, Sledgehammer and Another Brick in the Wall that are guaranteed to lift you off your seat.

Booost's debut album arrives after 18 months of intense work in the studio and on various stages (including Mühle Hunziken and Montreux Jazz) on which the band has shown its potential for entertaining people of all ages and all types of crowds. Hailing from many different musical backgrounds, Booost create a live sound worthy of the best formations. The CD was made to reflect this sound. Booost's debut is a powerful, high-energy album that'll keep you grooving in a fresh reggae vibe while listening to some of the greatest songs of the past. 

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