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There are some friendships formed in tender youth. The links between each individual is intricately intertwined and unbreakable. Each level and link is more solid than the last. That is the sort of friendship which is at the basis of the group KERA, a tightly formed core of three personalities with Christophe Farine on the bass, Sébastien Gosteli on the guitar and Nicolas Pittet on the drums.
As you listen to their lastest opus, you can see that it is wrapped in repeatedly persistant chords and obsessive rhythms. The music advances, jumps about letting go of all its power like a trained cobra facing its audience.
There are particular charmers on this album that would defy even the best snake charmer : Claire Huguenin (ex Skirt), already present on the album "One by one" as is Matthieu Tharin (Elkee), the slammer Abstral Compost, the lady rocker Elodie Romain and the energetic soulgirl Namusoke.
These artists have unique styles so personal that together they are like a brute force coming straight from the soul, caught in the electronic web of KERA. There you have it the trio has put their noises and their instruments to the grindstone and refined their sound. It goes without saying that the essential substances of this opus is of major importance and so it has been named, CARBON.

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